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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

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January 30

1592 - Pope Clement VIII is elected.
1648 - Signed in the city of Münster one of the Westphalia Peace Treaties that ended the Eighty Years War.
1649 - The King of England, Charles I, is executed.
1791 - French Revolution: Mirabeau is elected President of the Assembly.
1847 - Incorporation of Yerba Buena, being renamed San Francisco.
1882 - Franklin D. Roosevelt, president of the United States.
1885 - The German ship Elba sinks in the North Sea. The tragedy caused 352 deaths.
1911 - The eruption of the Philippine Taal Volcano causes the deaths of over 700 people.
1920 - A fire destroys the Great Theater of Madrid.
1930 - General Berenguer leads the government that replaces General Primo de Rivera.
1933 - 1933 - Adolf Hitler is appointed German Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg.
1937 - The second Moscow process ends in the USSR.
1939 - Hitler announces in the German Reichstag the "solution" of the Jewish problem in Germany.
1943 The Allied Forces use new weapons in their attacks against Berlin and Hamburg during World War II.
1944 - US troops invade Majuro on the Marshall Islands during World War II.
1948 - Mahatma Gandhi is murdered at 79 by a Hindu.
1953 - Spain joins UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
1956 - Starts running between Chicago and Peoria, United States, the first Talgo train.
1968 - Tet Offensive begins by forces Vietcong attacked several cities in South Vietnam, including Saigon.

1969 - Dominique Pire, Belgian priest, Nobel Peace Prize 1958 dies.
1972 - British parachutists shoot at human rights protesters in Londonderry (Northern Ireland). The fact became known as "Bloody Sunday" as 14 unarmed civilians died.
1979 - The Boeing 707-323C PP-VLU prefix operated by Varig disappears into the Pacific Ocean thirty minutes after departing from Tokyo.
1981 - The engineer in charge of Lemóniz nuclear power station's work, José María Ryan, is kidnapped by ETA and then murdered.
1987 - ETA explodes a car bomb in Zaragoza.
1989 - Pope John Paul II asks lay Catholics to take a more active part in political life in a document called " Christifideles laici ".
Closing of the American Embassy in Kabul.
1990 - The Czechoslovak Communist Party loses an absolute majority in the Prague Parliament after 40 years of domination.
1992 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin takes possession of the seat of the missing USSR at the UN Security Council.
1995 - Israeli troops begin their withdrawal from Jordan's territory in the Arabian valley, occupied since 1967.
Microsoft comes up.
1997 - Digital television is presented in Spain by the PRISA Group's Digital Satellite Channel.