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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

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January 16th

1537 - By determination of D. João III, the University of Lisbon is transferred to Coimbra (Portugal).
1778 - France recognizes the independence of the United States.
1920 - The first meeting of the Council of the League of Nations is held.
- US law prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages.
1944 - US General Eisenhower arrives in London (England) to command the Allied forces during World War II.
1953 - The Greek political parties are dissolved.
1969 - Soviet capsules "Soyuz" and "Soyuz-4" dock in space, performing the first maneuver of its kind in space.
1973 - The US and South Vietnam declare a ceasefire for a definitive peace pact with North Vietnam.
1979 - After nearly four decades in power, Iranian Shah Reza Pahlevi is forced to leave the country after months of conflict and the establishment of a civil government.
1980 - Britain and Chile reestablish diplomatic relations, broken in 1975 with the arrest and torture by the Chilean authorities of British scientist Sheila Cassidy.
1981 - The Libyan embassy in Lisbon is peacefully occupied by eight members of that country and transformed into a "popular bureau".
1984 - Chinese Prime Minister Zao Ziyang ends his visit to the US with a call for closer Sino-US relations, but points out that Taipe remains an obstacle to this progress.
1986 - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews from Nazi death camps during World War II, is considered an honorary citizen of Israel, the first foreigner to receive such a distinction.
1987 - Resign Chinese Communist Party Leader Hu Yaobang, being replaced by 69-year-old Zhao Ziyang.
- Ecuadorian President Leon Febres Cordero, kidnapped by military personnel from an air base in the city of Guyaquil, is released ten hours later.
1988 - French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac formally announces his candidacy for presidential elections.
1991 - The deadline given by the UN to Iraq for peaceful resolution of the Gulf crisis expires, which implies the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait.
1992 - Laura Ayres dies at the age of 69, full professor and coordinator of the national AIDS commission.
1994 - In France, about one million people are protesting in Paris against a government initiative to allocate public funds to private Catholic schools.
1998 - Turkey's constitutional court outlaws the Turkish Islamist Party.
2000 - Ricardo Lagos wins the elections for the second time in Chile, becoming the first socialist elected President of that country since the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in 1973.
2007 - Rudolf-August Oettker, inventor of instant cake, also known as "Dr. Oetker" dies.