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What is history for (continued)

What is history for (continued)

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History and various stories

As you can see, history goes beyond your history, your name, your age and where you live. It started well before her birth, continues until now and we could spend a lot of time talking about her. Everyone has a story. And it's not just people. Everything has history: the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the humans, the cities, the countries, the world.

Humans have always made historical records. Our indigenous people, for example, already recorded daily life through the making of utensils (stone hatches, bird feather ornaments, ceramic objects) or cave paintings 10,000 years ago.

Pottery produced by the Indians

Indian made stone hatchet decorated with bird feathers

From their organization in groups, people felt the need to gather information about the past and record it in some way, whether orally, in conversations with friends and relatives, or in drawings made in caves and caves in which they lived.

Cave paintings in caves

We can know the customs of early humans, the objects they used and the animals they hunted by studying these drawings and discoveries made by archaeologists, scientists who research the past of humans and social groups through material records. .

Cave cave paintings, commonly used paint extracted from annatto and other seeds