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Italian Religious (25/11/1181-3/6/1963). He gained admiration during his short pontificate (1958-1963) in renewing the Catholic Church with reforms implemented after the Second Vatican Council. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli is born in Sotto il Monte and is ordained priest in 1904.

He serves in World War I (1914-1918) as chaplain and, after the conflict, is appointed director of the Italian Council of the Propagation of the Faith. Holy Bishop in 1925, works as papal representative in various countries. During World War II (1939-1945), plays a decisive role in the rescue of Jews from Hungary.

She becomes Cardinal in 1953 and, upon the death of Pius XII, is elected Pope at 77. It renews the religious life of the Church by updating the teachings, the norms of discipline, and encouraging the unification of Christians. Writes important encyclicals, among them Mater et Magistra (1961), in which he emphasizes the importance of respecting the dignity of the individual as the basis of social institutions; and Pacem in Terris (1963), in which he calls for international cooperation for peace and justice. Dies in the Vatican.