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Pernambuco poet (4/4 / 1886-13 / 10/1968). Born in Recife, Manuel Carneiro de Sousa Bandeira Filho is one of the great names of modern Brazilian poetry. Attends high school in Rio de Janeiro and starts engineering at the Polytechnic School of São Paulo.

Discontinues studies in 1904 because of tuberculosis. Spends a long time in climatic seasons in Brazil and Europe, where he comes into contact with symbolist and post-symbolist poetry, a fundamental influence for his first book, Gray of the Hours (1917). He settles in Rio de Janeiro, where he writes poetry and prose, makes literary criticism and teaches at the National Faculty of Philosophy.

He uses the free verse with great mastery in a poetic work that speaks of love, death and simple everyday episodes, treated with humor, bitterness and irony. It stands as a pioneer of modernism with Carnival (1919) and participates in the 1922 Modern Art Week.

Reports his career in Itinerary of Pasargada (1954), in which he is memorialist. Translates into Portuguese, among others, works by William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Rilke and García Lorca. Dies in Rio de Janeiro.


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