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Anita Garibaldi

Anita Garibaldi

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Revolutionary Santa Catarina (1821-1849). Known for participating in the Farrapos Uprising and Italy's unification campaign.

Ana Maria Ribeiro da Silva (1821-4 / 8/1849) is born in the city of Laguna, currently Morrinhos, daughter of a humble family. Married to a shoemaker, she falls in love with the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi, who fights in the Farrapos Uprising. Leave the husband and accompany the revolutionary, participating in various battles. In 1839 is captured during the Battle of Curitibanos, but manages to swim by the river Canoas, to meet Garibaldi in Vacaria. Two years later, he goes to Uruguay, where he is part of the Montevideo defense against former President Oribe. The following year he marries Garibaldi and leaves for Italy. He continues to fight alongside him in the unification of the country, showing great bravery in episodes such as the Battle of Gianicolo. With Garibaldi's defeat, the two are forced to flee Rome, dressed as soldiers. On the trip to Switzerland, Anita falls ill and dies near Ravenna.


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