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Is this a Masonic Ring?

Is this a Masonic Ring?

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I told by my Auntie that she had a Masonic ring that came from my Great Grandfather from my mum's side of the family and I'm skeptical if this ring she sent a photo of is really a Masonic ring. I asked her who told you this is a Masonic ring and she said my Uncle told her this. Unfortunately I can't upload the photo due to some errors I keep coming across. But I'll bulletpoint on what it looks like.

  • it has a crown
  • background black
  • shape of ring oval
  • has funny writing on it
  • it looks like an old British royal ring

That's all I can pin down. Is there anyone that is a Masonic scholar or has Masonic knowledge about this?

I'm not saying that the picture I got from my Antie is an actual Masonic ring. The ring looks very royalist like. It has the words ”RE ME” It also has a symbol of a horse under the crown and the horse is chained to a ball.

I'm going to take a wild guess (since we don't have an actual picture of the ring yet), does the symbol resemble this?

If so your family member may have been a member of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Note there are quite a few links in the reference section at the end of the Wikipedia article which may help you discover more about what your great grandfather may have been part of.

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