Vegetation of Southern Brazil

The vegetation of the southern region is varied, with araucaria forests (pine forests) in the plateaus, and the fields in the pampas.

The forest of pine or araucaria covered large areas of the southeastern region and was also formed by other species such as imbuia, cedar, cinnamon, gameleira, angico, monkfish etc.

With deforestation for house building, furniture making and the practice of agriculture, the little that was left was transformed into areas of environmental preservation.

Forest of pine forests

The Atlantic forest, with large primitive vegetation cover, covers much of the Serra do Mar, which extends in the region. In it, there are species such as fig, cinnamon, wild pine, embaúba, pau-oil, yellow ipe, saw ipê, oak etc., which is an important local biome.

Atlantic forest

The region is also occupied by a large extension of fields. The plateau fields, which run from Paraná to the north of Rio Grande do sul, and the Campaign Gaúcha or Pampa fields, which appear with a layer of undergrowth.

Parana Highlands Fields

Gaucho Campaign, Caçapava do Sul / RS

The soil of Campaign Gaucha, which has been used for cattle breeding since the eighteenth century, suffers from erosion and degradation, specifically in the municipality of Alegrete, with 200 degraded hectares, forming today the Areal de São João, considered the largest in the region, as well as other sands that form in the municipalities of São Francisco de Assis, Cacequi, Itaqui, and Quarai.

Alegrete's location

Areal de Alegrete / RS

In the coastal region stand out the vegetation of mangroves, beaches and restingas.

The restinga is part of the vegetation of the Southern Region (coastal vegetation of SC)