Hydrography of the Midwest Region of Brazil

Hydrography of the Midwest Region of Brazil

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The Midwest Region is bordered by several rivers that are part of the Amazon Basin, the Paraná Basin and the Paraguay River Basin.

The Jurema, Arinos and Xingu rivers flow into the northern state of Mato Grosso from the Amazon Basin.

Main rivers bordering the Midwest

The rivers that make up the Paraná river basin are the Paraná and Parnaíba rivers. They are plateau rivers that present with great waterfalls. To make the river navigable, locks were built near the dams of Barra Bonita, Jupiá, Três Irmãos and others.

Operation of a lock

Filling of the Barra Bonita Lock (SP)

Aerial view of Barra Bonita lock (SP) damming waters of Paraná river basin

The lowland regions of the Pantanal are drained by the Paraguay River, which has the largest watershed in the Midwest. The Paraguay River, along with the tributaries, the Miranda, Taquari, Cuiabá and Aquidauana, which occupy the Pantanal region, during rainy periods overflow and occupy several kilometers of its banks.

Paraná River Basin with the location of the Paraguay River. The Paraguay River is a South American river that flows into four countries. It is born in Chapada dos Parecis, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso and also bathes in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, being a tributary of the Paraná River. The river is part of the Brazil-Paraguay border and the Argentina-Paraguay border.