Cultural Aspects of the Southeast Region (continued)

Myths and legends

Although it contains many myths and legends that are common in other Brazilian regions, such as legless mule, werewolf, boitatá, curupira, saci-pererê and Iara legends, popular culture also has regional myths.

One point to note is that there is a strong influence of Afro culture on the folklore of this region. This is because, in the time of slavery, the shopping centers and large plantations of the farms that blacks worked for were located there. Their customs and rites were eventually incorporated into popular culture.

The legends of the invisible horse, legend of Chico Rei or the so-called mass of the dead are legends of the Southeast.

Chico Rei: According to this tradition, Chico was the king of a tribe in the kingdom of Congo, brought as a slave to Brazil. He managed to buy his manumission and other countrymen with his work and became "king" in Ouro Preto.

Invisible horse: religiosoon legend tells unbelievers that late at night he rides a galloping horse near the bedroom window where the unbeliever sleeps. Although for many years they will narrate this phenomenon, no matter how fast someone has opened the window, or jumped into the street, no one has ever seen him so mysterious horse, only mysterious tracks left on the ground. Wise people tell that no one has ever seen the horse because it is invisible, being a message from God to respect the sufferings of his son Jesus Christ.

Invisible Horse Legend

Legend of Chibamba: ghost that is part of the cycle of haunts designed to scare children into their nightmares. Its probable place of origin is south of Minas Gerais. It frightens the crying, stubborn and rude children, as well as those who insist on not wanting to go to bed early. It is a kind of bogeyman miner, whose role is to put children to sleep by fear.

Gold Mother - One of the most traditional mining myths tells of a fireball that would show where there are gold deposits, and in it comes a very beautiful, blond woman in a white silk dress that flies in the air, reflecting the sunlight. Legend has it that whenever she helped someone in trouble to find gold, the gold mother imposed on her sole condition that she not tell anyone the location of the mine, under pain of a terrible curse.

Legend Mother of Gold

Mass of the dead: Around 1900, the caretaker and sexton of the Church of Our Lady of Mercy de Cima in Ouro Preto was awakened in the middle of a cold and rainy night by a commotion of steps and voices in the chapel, next to a cemetery. . Thinking he was a thief, he ran to check, and found in the temple a mass full of faithful skeletons conducted by a priest from another world.

Legend Mass of the Dead

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