Cultural Aspects of the Northern Region (continued)

Legends and myths

A number of myths and legends are part of northern folklore, including:

Button - A figure who turns into a man in the night, who dresses in white and wears a hat to hide his big button nose. This boy seduces the unaccompanied girls, taking them to the bottom of the river and, in some cases, getting them pregnant. For this reason, when an unknown boy shows up at a party wearing a hat, he is asked to take it off to make sure it is not a button. Hence the custom of saying, when a woman has a child of an unknown father, that he is a "son of the dolphin."

Victoria regia - It is a plant that originally would have been an Indian who fell in love with the moon (Jaci, to the Indians) and when seeing its reflection in the waters of the river leaned to kiss her, which made her fall and drown. Moved by the event, Jaci turned India into a flower - the royal victory.

Victoria Lily Flower

Other myths and legends that belong to the northern folklore: bogeyman, boitatá, caipora, honorato snake, curupira, Iara, werewolf, mapinguari, headless mule, jaguar and saci-pererê. Read details about each of these myths on the Just History website.