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Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

Another custom that shocked Europeans was cannibalism…

Cannibalism or anthropophagic ritual it was performed by some indigenous peoples and was part of the rituals usually linked to war or religious ceremonies.

When cannibalism was related to wars, the natives believed that if they ingested their enemies, they would avenge the memory of their war-dead ancestors and that they would also receive all the qualities, such as the wisdom, strength and courage of the enemy.

The Europeans, however, did not accept these customs and rituals and for this reason catechizing the Indians was fundamental!

Jesuit priest Antonio Vieira
In this way they would abandon their own habits and adopt European habits and customs.

They would wear clothes and no longer commit cannibalism… Leaving aside their beliefs and culture!

The Jesuit priests then began constructions named after:
Jesuit Missions or Reductions

The Jesuit missions or reductions were indigenous villages and were built by the Jesuit priests and the native Indians of our territory.

They were great fortresses and formed true cities!