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Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

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Some years later…

In the year 1549, the first Jesuit priests arrived to assist in the construction of the city of Salvador in Bahia and the construction of many schools throughout Brazil.

And who were the Jesuits?

The Jesuits were priests of the Catholic Church who were part of Company of Jesus.
This religious order was founded in 1534 by Ignatius of Loiola.

Why did the Jesuits come?

At that time, Europeans believed that the Catholic religion was the only right religion!

And what are the goals of the Jesuit priests?

The goal of these priests was to gather the Indians into communities organized by the priests and make them abandon their habits…

The indigenous peoples who inhabited the lands of our territory had their own beliefs and habits, and all were very different from European habits…

Some of the indigenous customs scandalized the Europeans…

They walked naked, and were not ashamed…

This “weird” habit has been portrayed by several artists…

THE ALIEN LOOK ON BRAZIL: Albert Eckhout. India Tarairiu, oil on canvas (1641)


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