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League of Nations is born - 1920

On January 10, 1920, the League of Nations was born, when the League of Nations Agreement, ratified by 42 countries, came into force in 1919. After the relief of the end of World War I came the terror of another war. In this way, the League of Nations was born to solve international crises and prevent repetition. Although US President Woodrow Wilson had proposed the organization, the Senate declined to participate because of fear that the League would reduce US authority. In November 1920, the League of Nations celebrated its first assembly in Geneva. During the 1920s, the League incorporated new members and mediated minor international disputes, but many of the most powerful countries did not recognize the League. The authority of the organization, however, was not compromised until the 1930s, when a series of events proved ineffective. Japan abandoned the assembly when the League condemned its invasion of China; Likewise, the League was completely ineffective in preventing and preventing the rearmament of Germany and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. The almost extinct League did not even foresee the declaration of World War II.