The story

Testament letter of Getúlio Vargas

Getúlio Vargas' Testament Letter is a document addressed to the Brazilian people, written by Getúlio Vargas hours before his suicide, on August 24, 1954.

There is a handwritten note of suicide, and a typed document "Letter Testament", of which three copies are known, which was read at his funeral by John Goulart. However, there is great controversy about the authenticity of the typed text.

"I leave to my enemies the legacy of my death. I regret that I could not do, for this good and generous Brazilian people and especially for the neediest, all the good I wanted. The lie, the slander, the most vile inventions were generated by the malignity of spiteful and gratuitous enemies in a targeted, systematic and scandalous publicity. Add to this the weakness of friends who did not defend me in their positions, the felony of hypocrites and traitors whom I have benefited from honors and mercies, and the moral insensitivity of sicarios I have given to justice, all helping to create a false environment in public opinion. of the country against me. If the simple renunciation of the post to which I was elevated by the suffrage of the people allowed me to live forgotten and peaceful on the homeland, I would gladly resign. But such a renunciation would give rise to fury, persecute me and humiliate me. They want to destroy me at any price. I became dangerous to the powerful of the day and the privileged castes. Old and tired, I chose to go to account for you, not for crimes I contradicted, sometimes because they opposed your own national interests, sometimes because you mercilessly exploited the poor and the humble. Only God knows my bitterness and suffering. May the blood of an innocent serve to placate the wrath of the Pharisees. I thank those who near or far have brought me the comfort of their friendship. The people's response will come later…