Conflicts in the world

There are regions around the world that are experiencing intense conflicts, caused by various reasons, which may be disputes over territories, independence, religious issues, mineral resources, among others.

On all continents, it is possible to identify foci of tension that endanger the peace of those who live in the places they are involved.

Terrorism and conflicts in the world


On the European continent, one of the main causes of conflict is the question of the Basque people. The Basque people are distributed in northeastern Spain and southwestern France. This ethnic group has been fighting for political and territorial independence for at least 40 years. The Basques correspond to a social group of unidentified origin that probably arrived in the Iberian peninsula 2000 years ago. Throughout this time, nations that are subordinate have retained their main cultural aspects, such as language (euskara or vasconço), customs and traditions.

Location on the map of "Land of the Basques"

From this fact, in 1959 a movement was created with socialist and separatist ideas called ETA (Euskadi ta Askatsuna or Basque Homeland and Freedom). With the emergence of this group, the attacks began, especially to the authorities.

Terrorist attacks

Northern Ireland (Ulster) is part of the United Kingdom and therefore decisions are taken in London. In the case of Northern Ireland, what happens is the struggle between Catholics and Protestants. Catholics have been fighting for at least 30 years to unify with the Republic of Ireland and oppose the majority Protestants who want to remain dependent on the United Kingdom. The group responsible for the actions is formed by the Catholic part that created Ira (Irish Republican Army). This army carries out various terrorist acts, as there is great intolerance on the part of religious groups.

Northern Ireland explosion in 1998

Another case of outbreaks of conflict on the European continent is related to the Balkan peninsula. The discomfort or discontent in this case concerns ethnic issues, since various origins of peoples such as the Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Bosnians and Albanians are embedded in the region. The differences contained between these peoples are developed over a long time. What causes tension in this region is the nationalist and ethnic theme.

Balkan Peninsula - Region of Ethnic Conflict