The story


History is in constant motion. Daily, new facts emerge in Brazil and around the world, conflicts between nations and their peoples, terrorist attacks, catastrophes that mark history forever among so many other events.

Therefore, it is essential to keep our memory alive. It is necessary to remember and reflect on the meaning and effects of acts and events.

Colosseum opens closed underground corridors for 15 centuries

3,000-year-old tomb discovered near Egyptian capital

Found in Egypt King Ken-Amun's 3,300-year-old tomb

Pharaoh Amenophis III's giant head discovered in Luxor, Egypt

Tutankhamun's Cause of Death Discovered

Archaeologists find home from the time of Jesus in Nazareth

Doubts Rise Over Hitler's Death

Nefertiti returns home

Archaeologists Discover Nero's Rotating Banquet Hall

Scientists find oldest human ancestor in Ethiopia