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Bogeyman - Legends and Myths

The bogeyman is a fictional figure known worldwide. It is one of the most traditional ways parents or guardians use to frighten a child into associating this fictitious monster with the child's contradiction or disobedience to the adult's order or advice.

Since the time of the Crusades, the image of a frightening being has been used to create fear in children. Muslims projected this figure on King Richard the Lionheart, stating that if children did not behave as expected, they would be taken slaves by the melek-ric (boogeyman): -you".

The bogeyman's image varies by region. According to popular tradition, the bogeyman hides in rude children's bedrooms, in closets, in drawers and under the bed to scare them into the night. Another kind of bogeyman comes up in the moonless nights and puts the lying kids in a soap bag. When a child does something wrong, he must apologize, otherwise, according to legend, he will receive a visit from the bogeyman.