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Blue Rook - Legends and Myths

Blue Rook - Legends and Myths

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Blue Rook is the name given to a beautiful bird that motivated in Paraná, the tradition of pine growers, burying the seeds with the thinnest tip up and devouring the head, which would be the rotten part.

Not to be slaughtered and is commonly respected by the people as a protective bird of pine trees. Legend has it that a certain black jackdaughter slept on a pine branch and was awakened by the sound of an ax's blows. Startled, she flew into the clouds, not to witness the scene of the pine extermination.

Up in the sky, he heard a voice asking her to return to the pine woods, so that she would be dressed in sky blue and would start planting pine trees. The rook accepted the mission and was completely covered with blue feathers, except around the head, where the black of the raven remained. He then returned to the pine groves and began to spread the araucaria seed, according to divine desire.

This legend is actually a real fact. The Blue Rook has a habit of burying pine nuts. Once she finds the correct spot, she presses him in, striking her with her beak until she is completely introduced. Not content with this, he still places some nearby material such as leaves, stones or twigs on top of the shuffled place to camouflage or disguise the feat.


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