The story

Legend of the Bottle Devil

The Bottle Devil is also known as Famaliá, Cramulhão, Bottle Cap, among other names.

This being is the result of a covenant that people claim can be done with the devil. This covenant most often consists of an exchange, one asks for wealth and in return gives one's soul to the devil.

After the pact is made, one has to get an egg, from which a little devil of 15 cm to about 20 cm will be born. But it is not a simple chicken egg, but a special egg, fertilized by the devil himself.

The Bottle Devil has the following characteristics: It is born from an egg (in some regions of Brazil it is believed that it can be born from a chicken fertilized by the devil, in others it is believed to be born from an egg laid not by a chicken but by a chicken). rooster). This egg would be the size of a quail egg.

To get such an egg, one must look for it during Lent, and the first Friday after getting the egg, one goes to a crossroads at midnight with the egg under the left arm. After hours, she returns home and lies in bed. After approximately 40 days, the egg is hatched and the little devil will be born; In possession of the little devil, the person immediately puts it in the bottle and closes tightly closed. Over the years, the little devil enriches its owner, and at the end of life takes the person to hell.